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Carlo Meister

Head Coach

Carlo started his study of the martial arts whilst a student at Hamilton Boys High School. A student of BJJ, Kickboxing, Sambo, WrestlingJapanese Jujitsu Karate, he has an equal appreciation of both grappling and striking arts - which helps him balance our MMA team. Check out some more information about Carlo and the History of CORE MMA.

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt (2nd Degree) under John Will
    (Head coach of Will-Machado BJJ Australasia)
  • Kobukan 1st Dan Karate Blackbelt under Phil Beale - 2012
    (Head of Kobukan Martial Arts)
  • NZMMAF MMA Coach for the IMMAF Amateur World Championships (2015-Present)
  • Master of Sambo (1st Degree, awarded in Moscow 2024)
  • Koryu Uchinadi Karate Blackbelt under Patrick McCarthy & Kurt Graham - 2010
    (Koryu Uchinadi and the IRKRS)
  • BJJ Blackbelt Open Weight Champion
    (NZ Grappler 2022 Nogi Nationals)
  • BJJ Blackbelt National Champ
    (NZ Grappler, Nogi u86kg 2021)
  • BJJ Blackbelt Nogi 1st Equal (NZ Grappler 2022 Season)
  • Represented New Zealand at the Sambo Asia-Pacific Championships - Lebanon 2022
  • NZ MMA Coach for the WKA World Championships 2022 Wales
  • 4 * Abu Dhabi Pro BJJ World Cup NZ Trials Medalist
    (Gold 2009 White, Bronze 2010 Blue, Gold 2011 Blue, Silver 2012 Purple u83)
  • 2 * Will-Machado Australasian Gathering Medalist
    (Gold 2010 Blue, Silver 2011 Blue)
  • ADCC NZ Open 2021 Bronze Medalist (Professional u91)
  • Silver Medal - ICON NZ BJJ Tournament
    (Purplebelt Open Weight)
  • Gold Medal - New Zealand Free Fighting 2012
    (Light-Heavyweight Seniors Division)
  • 2x Gold Medal - Full Force Fight Co. Sub Only BJJ Tournament (Advanced Division 2016, 2017)
  • Gold Medal - Full Force Fight Co. South Island Open BJJ Tournament 2021 (Blackbelt Division)
  • Gold Medal - Brownbelt Division, ABJJA Open Tournament 2017
  • Waikato Wrestling Champ 2021 (Senior u86)
  • IMMAF Certified Level 1 MMA Coach
  • Corner for Luke Jumeau at UFC Fight Night Tokyo
  • Recipient of the Hamilton City Council '30 under 30' Award
    (June 2015)



Hamilton City Council '30 under 30' Video Profile


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