MMA Fit - Fitness & Conditioning

Class Overview

Our MMA Fit classes are designed to put you through similar physical workouts to those which get our fighters in top shape.

This class is designed to keep you moving, and as such is a fitness-specific session (rather than our Technical MMA classes).

The sessions are designed to give you a mixed workout including:

  • Cardio / aerobic fitness
  • Strength & explosive movement 
  • Resistance & endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body conditioning
  • Agility and coordination


This class is non-contact and no prior experience is needed. It is suitable for all ages.


Training Times

Monday & Wednesday 7-8am

Wednesday 6-7pm


NEW: BootCamp Sessions


Our new BootCamp sessions are a 4-week course designed to focus on Functional Fitness and Mobility. Free for CORE MMA members, there are only limited spaces available - so get in contact and book your spot!

Training will include:

  • Strength & Conditioning using Strength Bags, Slam Balls, Body Weight & Partner Exercises
  • Stretching, Stability and Balance exercises

Training Times

Tuesday & Thursday 6-7pm