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Alert Level 3 - Step 1 Updates

We're excited to offer Outdoor training at Covid-19 Level 3 - Step 1.

We're pumped to be able to offer small group outdoor training, in accordance with the new Govt Alert Level 3 - Step 1 guidelines. We've been arranging a range of great workouts to get you back and buzzing!


Outdoor Classes

  • We'll start with running a temporary Level 3 Outdoor timetable to help ensure everyone can get the exercise they need. 
  • Classes are currently limited to 10x participants, including the session coach. 2m social distancing is required to be maintained at all times.
  • Onsite classes will take place in the CORE MMA yard. There will be NO PARKING available onsite - please use the roadside parking at Knox or Thackeray St and walk over to the gym.
  • Offsite classes will take place at varying locations throughout the week - details in the members app session notes.
  • Onsite classes will run on an hourly basis but include down time at the start and end of the workout to allow for safe participant changeover.
  • All classes require advance booking via the CORE MMA Members App. Full registration details can be found here at the link. The system allows us to reallocate space and limit class numbers as required, as well as meeting all our contact tracing requirements.
  • You will be able to see the current day, and tomorrow's available sessions. These classes will be allocated on a first-in, first-served basis, but we are asking that each member only attends 1x session per day.
  • We will be offering Youth sessions. Kids will need to be able to participate in the whole session without parents being directly involved. For younger members we recommend working through the home content in the Members App.
  • Unfortunately with the reduced site limits, we don't have space allocated for spectators. If someone is dropping you off, they need to wait in their car during classes.
  • Our online learning platform will be running via the Members App for anyone that needs to maintain social distancing.
  • Please bring a large water bottle, running shoes and a sweat towel to every session. Specific equipment such as Boxing gloves may also be required.
  • We can supply training gear and equipment via contactless pickup. Here's your quick links for CORE MMA Merch and MMA Addict Pro Shop.


Gym Access and Health & Safety Procedures

  • There is strictly no indoor access for these sessions - which includes no toilet access. The gym is officially closed. Please use the bathroom before arriving onsite.
  • Before joining your session, you will need to sanitise your hands and clean down any equipment used at the cleaning stations provided.
  • Masks are recommended to be worn when not actively training. Remove masks once you're settled into your training space.
  • Please keep your training to the separate dedicated areas and keep the minimum 2M distance from other training groups.
  • Please avoid congregating in the driveways.
  • Go home, shower and wash your training gear immediately after class.
  • Don't come to training if you're feeling unwell or have any of the listed Covid-19 or Flu symptoms.


New Members

Our new members process has changed for those looking to start training at Level 3 Step 1. We are able to take new members, but we are unable to offer our usual trial process. Instead, if you're ready to jump in:

  • Membership sign up via the website. You can browse the different options and complete the forms here.
  • Once your online signup is done, you'll need to use your Membership Reference to register for our Members App. The reference can be found at the bottom of your signup confirmation.
  • Then we can get you all set up and booked in for classes.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the team at or via any of the contact details below. We'll be reviewing and amending the above plan over the coming weeks as required, and regular updates will also be provided via our social media platforms.

Ready to get started?

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