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CORE MMA Membership

CORE MMA memberships are based on an ongoing weekly direct-debit or credit-card payment, with a range of membership options from 6-24 months. If you haven't already, we strongly recommend you read the beginners guide or pop down to the gym for a chat - just so you feel totally comfortable choosing the best training options.



Our Premium Membership includes our Unlimited Adults Access above to classes and the facility, as well as our NEW Recovery Centre Membership to keep you in the best shape possible whilst training hard.

Get the best of both worlds for only $55 per week! Sign up now »



Our Unlimited Adults Membership gets you unrestricted access to the full training timetable - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Kickboxing, Wrestling, Open-Mats - the works. Perfect for beginners and experienced martial artists alike.

Only $37.50 per week with a 6 month minimum term! Sign-up now »


If you're looking to stick with training over a longer term, contact us to find out what specials we currently have on offer for new 12 month minimum term memberships.



Exactly the same as the Adults Unlimited Membership, but for those are under-18 years of age. A parent or legal guardian will be required to complete the registration.

Only $27.50 per week! Sign-up now »



The perfect way to keep the whole family fit and active, while maintaining a common interest and getting in some family bonding time.

Our Family Membership (Mixed Adult / Under-18s) provides unlimited access for up to 2 Adults and 4 Children (who are under-18 years of age), at a heavily discounted rate.

Only $80 per week!  Sign-up now »

Ask us about our current specials when signing up for a 12 Month Term »



Got 3 or more children looking to attend classes? Consolidate your household fees and save. 

Only $67.50 per week. Sign-up now »



The perfect way for you and a signficant other to keep fit while maintaining a common interest and learning practical skills.

Our Couples Membership (Mixed Adult / Under-18s) provides unlimited access for up to 2 members at a heavily discounted rate.

Only $60 per week!  Sign-up now »

Ask us about our specials when signing up for a 12 Month Term »



Relieve the stress of study with our discounted tertiary students membership - including full gym and class access. Valid student ID required.

$27.50 per week on a 6 month minimum term!  Sign-up now »

Save even more when signing up to a 12 month term »



The CORE MMA Online Membership provides you access to our online members area, including daily virtual classes and our full online class archive.

$10 per week with no long term commitments!  Sign-up now »



Can't attend classes but still want to use the gym to work on your fitness? The gym-only membership gives access to the gym equipment and personal trainers.

Only $17.50 per week and includes a free introductory session. Sign-up now »

Want to include the Recovery Centre Membership aswell? You can combine both options here: Gym + Recovery Membership »



The CORE MMA Recovery Centre is designed to help you stay at peak health, with the use of Heat & Cold Therapy. The membership is available as an add-on option for any existing CORE MMA members. Only $17.50 per week.

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