Stuart Irwin

Senior Grappling Coach

Stuart started training in Martial Arts in the UK in the early 1980's, and trained in both Judo and Jujitsu. As a youth he competed in both Karate and Judo competitions at every opportunity before the emergence of any recognised sport Jujitsu format. Later in life Stuart immigrated from the UK to Hamilton NZ, where he ran the Waikato Jujitsu Club after Johannes moved to Christchurch - where Stuart was Carlo, Johny & Matt's first ever martial arts instructor. Notable acheivements are as follows:

  • 3rd Dan Bushido Kempo Jujitsu 
    (1999 - S & T Cunningham - Cumbria)
  • International Budo Open - Gold & Fight of the Champions Winner
    (1999 - U78 - Middleweight)
  • Northern Jujitsu Kumite Open- Open Weight Silver
  • Midland Jujitsu Kumite Open - Silver
    (1998 - U78)
  • (UK) National Jujitsu Kumite Open - Gold
    (1997 - U78)
  • 2nd Dan Goshin Jujitsu - European Jujitsu Union / International Jujitsu Federation
    (1996 - Graded by: Dr Vernon Bell, 10th Dan; H Czerwenka-Wenstetten, 9th Dan; Dr Dennis Hanover, 9th Dan)
  • 2nd Dan Goshin Jujitsu
    (1996 - Joe Luna - Spain)
  • 2nd Dan Bushido Kempo Jujitsu
    (1996 - S & T Cunningham)
  • (UK) National Jujitsu Kumite Open - Gold
    (1995 - U78)
  • 1st Dan Bushido Kempo Jujitsu
    (1994 - Prof P M Jackson - 5th Dan)