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Hall of Fame

Local heroes and life-long students who have made significant contributions to developing martial arts throughout the region.


Stuart Irwin

Stuart immigrated from the UK to Hamilton NZ, where he ran the Waikato Jujitsu Club after the former coach moved to Christchurch. Learn more

Phil Beale

Sensei Phil has been one of the most influential figures on Martial Arts throughout Hamilton. Sensei Phil was the head of the reputable Kobukan Martial Arts Learn more

Jayson Awa

Jayson 'The Assassin' Awa was Waikato's first Vale Tudo & Mixed Martial Arts fighter Learn more

Mark Craig

UFC Referee and Judge, Mark took on a standup coaching role and can be found offering unique insight during our Kickboxing and Open Mat sessions. Learn more

Colby Harris

Colby was an inspirational young man who had overcome adversity to win one of the hardest fights ever fought under the CORE MMA banner. Learn more

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