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Covid-19 Protection Framework Protocols

Traffic Light System

Under the new COVID-19 Protection Framework, sport, active recreation and play can take place with restrictions implemented geographically to protect at-risk people and minimise the risk of community transmission. Settings will depend on where you are in New Zealand.


We believe wholeheartedly in inclusiveness and participation in sport. Regardless of vax status, we'll aim to provide whatever services we can under each of the restriction levels whilst still abiding by the legal framework.


All Levels

One of NZ's major strategies to reduce the impact of Covid-19 in New Zealand is Vaccination. Activities such as sport and recreation face restrictions at the varying alert levels below, where they may require participants to show proof of vaccination status. The link below has details for providing your vaccination status.


Members wishing to register their vaccination status with us can do that at the reception desk. After verifying your vaccine pass, we'll update your current vax status and expiry date on the members app system. This allows us to avoid needing to verify it upon every entry into the gym. Your personal details regarding the vaccine itself will not be saved on record, only that it has been sighted.


For non-members entering the gym (such as parents wishing to spectate kids class), vaccine cert will need to be sighted on arrival at the gym. Alternatively, youth drop off / pickup without entering the gym is also accepted.


Services such as swipe tag access may be restricted at various alert levels until certification can be verified.


Red Level

Gyms are required to have a vaccine certification programme to open. 


Orange Level

Gyms are required to have a vaccine certification programme to open. 


Green Level

Gathering limits apply where gyms are do not have a vaccine certification programme in place. We're aiming to provide a set of training options for those that have not been vaccinated - exact details to be determined. Please note that large tournaments and sporting events will likely require vaccination certificates to participate or spectate.