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Josh Campbell

Josh started Muay Thai / Kickboxing under San Bu Kai when a friend of his started up - and at the same time his cousins (Frank & Clarke Jarrett) were taking up boxing so he decided to cross train boxing at the same time.
Josh had never been much of a sporting guy or an athlete in school, but once he found martial arts he was immediately caught up in it all.

  • CORE MMA - Kickboxing Blackbelt (Yudansha)
  • Full Force Submission-Only BJJ - Silver Medal 2012
  • NZ Grappler No-gi Nationals - Bronze
  • Oceania Gold Medalist - Sanshou
  • 2 x National Gold Medalist - Sanshou
  • 2 x Sanshou Invitational Gold Medalist
  • 2 x Kickboxing wins (K1)

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