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Jonny Molloy

Personal Trainer & MMA Coach 


Hi I’m Jonny. A former professional athlete in the English Super League turned Personal Trainer. What seems like a natural progression from rugby player to trainer wasn’t quite the simple transition for me. 


My life’s goal from a young age was always to play professional rugby league. I grew up playing it and was obsessed with the physicality, fitness and skill level required to play it at the highest level. At 26 I began to become disillusioned with how restrictive professional sport was and the sacrifices that I had made from the age of 15. I wanted to do something different. 

I wanted to make a change to my lifestyle and pursue a new challenge in my life but I wasn’t quite sure what the next chapter would be. 


I am always open and transparent when people ask me about my time in professional sport. I lost my mind for a little bit. I felt lost and my life became mentally unmanageable because my whole identity was wrapped up into the outer shell that I had created over the years which was being a professional athlete every day. Without that persona, I didn’t know who Jonny was. 


It took around 6 months for me to really figure out what I wanted to do going forward. I needed time out from the mental, emotional and physical demands of professional sport. As time went on, I realized I have a ridiculous amount of knowledge (despite the head collisions) on training, nutrition, mindset and perspective when it comes to ‘fitness’. I felt like I found my calling. 

Helping people. 


I have been a Personal Trainer for 4 years now. I take it personal and see myself as a coach whose sole purpose is to help get you to your desired destination at your happiest, healthiest and most sustainable for you as an individual. 


You may be confused about many areas of 'fitness'. My job is to help give you solutions and help you gain the knowledge and understanding of the journey.  


With my help my expectations for a client are to become the best version of themselves. A new improved version. That doesn’t require a restrictive diet, a ridiculously intense training schedule or unrealistic goals. 


We will work together to formulate a plan to make progress from day 1.