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Bill Smart

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Bill is a Strength and Conditioning coach who specialises in the development of combat sports performance. Bills training plans are both backed by the latest scientific evidence and inspired by the top athletes around the world.

“My main goal is to ensure you can perform your sport to your highest level, and show up on fight day in optimal physiological condition. This can only be done with proper periodized planning and individual athlete assessment, which allows better understanding of movement, strength, speed and fitness requirements”

Bill has a history of working with many high performing athletes in the Waikato region and is currently completing his Masters in Sport and Exercise Science. He first met the team in 2018 after being brought in to work with professional MMA fighters Joesef Hamblin and Matt Vaile, and is currently Strength and Conditioning coach for the fight team at CORE MMA.

You can book sessions with Bill directly via the members app or email to