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Skin Infections

It's important that all members (including parents/caregivers) are well-informed of what these are and how we can prevent them, so here's a quick overview of the most common scenarios.



Staphylococcus, aka Staph, in its simplest form is just a skin rash. If it’s treated immediately with a topical antibiotic it usually resolves in about a week. As it goes further it gets harder and harder to resolve and oral antibiotics may be required. Good write up below:



Fungal infections can appear anywhere on the body, including the scalp, and in most cases are easily treatable with over-the-counter pharmacy anti-fungal creams, but some persistent strains require oral medication such as Terbinafine.


Bacterial and fungal infections are highly contagious and we recommended any suspect skin lesion/rash should be immediately reported, diagnosed by a doctor and treatment completed in full. Failure to get a proper diagnosis may result in the infection reoccurring and unintended transmission to other members.

As per our gym rules, any members showing symptoms may be asked by a coach or staff member to not use the facility (or restrict training) until CORE MMA's Return-to-Training Policy conditions have been met.



To minimise the occurrence and transmission of skin infections we have:
(a) a rigorous facility cleaning and sanitation programme;
(b) continual education of proper hygiene and personal responsibility; and
(c) proper protocols if a skin infection has occured.



Prevention is better than the cure.

Even though infections can spread from surfaces, the primary cause of transmission is person-to-person contact.

Prior to training all members should complete a body scan to ensure no suspicious rash and/or lesion(s) are present.

Any workout space or equipment used also needs to be sprayed or wiped down after use.

For sequential back-to-back sessions, fresh training gear must be worn for each session where possible.

For multiple non-sequential sessions, fresh training gear must be worn for each session. This may mean that you need multiple sets of gear if your training regularly throughout the week.

Members should shower as soon as possible after class.



This Return-to-Training Policy must be followed by all staff/coaches/members who have a skin infection, diagnosed by a doctor or not.


Upon the discovery of a suspicious rash and/or lesion(s) the member must:
(a) STOP using the facility immediately;
(b) REPORT the infection to a member of staff, coach or via email (;
(c) seek a DIAGNOSIS; and
(d) start TREATMENT as soon as possible.

It is critical that all instances of skin infections are reported to ensure we can take the necessary steps to minimise the spread to other members.

The member cannot use the facility until treatment has started and no new areas of infection have appeared for 1 week (see Phase 2)

As per above, we recommend treatment is decided on after diagnosis by a doctor.


If treatment has started and no new areas of infection have appeared for 1 week then the member can utilise the weights area and solo equipment (e.g. bikes, rowers), but only if the infected areas are covered with strapping tape and topical treatment.

To minimise person-to-person contact the member will be prohibited from:
(a) participating in any group classes;
(b) using communal gloves/pads; and
(c) using the recovery centre (sauna, ice bath and showers).

Any equipment used must be fully sanitised/wiped-down after use.


If the infected areas are dry, have no crust or dry flaky skin and there are no pustules nor moist exudate, then the member can resume participating in group classes, but as with Phase 2, all infected areas must be covered with strapping tape and topical treatment solution at all times.

During Phase 3 - the member is still prohibited from using the recovery centre (sauna, ice bath and showers) and any equipment used must be fully sanitised/wiped-down after use.


The member can resume training with unrestricted access when the member has completed the course of treatment assigned by a doctor and/or the infected areas have healed to the extent that they are approved by the CORE MMA coaching/admin team.


Any questions, feel free to contact Carlo or Chris, or shoot us an email to and we'll happily point you in the right direction.