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Concussion & Head Trauma

Head trauma and concussions are serious injuries which require extra caution and awareness.



In case of loss of conciousness / or emergency situation, apply basic first aid checks (check breathing, clear airways and administer CPR or get defib as required) and call 111 for immediate medical assistance.

 For non-emergency situations, consult the guidelines provided and seek medical and coaching advice.


Guideline Summary

Recognise and Remove. If concussion is suspected, remove from play/activity immediately and seek urgent assessment by a medical doctor.

• Concussions often occur without loss of consciousness (only 10-20% lose consciousness).

• Extra caution is required for child and adolescent athletes.

• It may take several hours (or even days) post injury for some or all of the symptoms of concussion to emerge.

• Non-medical personnel have an important role to play in recognising the signs and symptoms of concussion. Concussion can present in a similar manner to other catastrophic conditions with delayed onset of symptoms.

• A medical doctor must provide assessment and diagnosis of concussion because the diagnosis may be difficult and relies on clinical judgement.

• It is unanimously agreed that no return to sport/activity on the day of concussive injury should occur.

• The effects of concussion can interfere with the athlete’s ability to learn in the classroom or to function well at work. Return to school/work may need to be graduated and demands altered to reflect level of function, guided by a medical practitioner experienced in this area. Return to school/work and social activities should be achieved before return to sport/activity.


CORE MMA Concussion Guidelines

Mandatory Medical Suspension

A) Any athlete who shows signs of concussion, or loses a competitive bout via a TKO shall stand down from all contact sparring and competition for no less than 30 days. It is recommended that after the 30-day period, before usual contact training is recommenced, a physician’s clearance is obtained.

B) Any contestant who loses consciousness in sparring or competition (KO) shall stand down from all sparring and competition for no less than 90 days. A physician’s clearance needs to be obtained before usual contact training is recommenced,