Colts MMA & BJJ

Class Overview

The Colts MMA & BJJ classes provide a mid-way point where 12-16yr olds can start to work on more advanced techniques while still training with partners their own size. The MMA classes cover a range of Striking (Punching, Kicking) and Grappling & Wrestling techniques, whilst the BJJ classes focus more exclusively on Grappling and related body mechanics.

Our Colts programme provides a controlled environment in which we encourage our teens to learn applications of physics and body mechanics in addition to building discipline & respect for others. We maintain a positive environment to learn, but also a physical outlet for them release stress and improve fitness.  

We also provide a grading syllabus and access to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions to provide goals and training focus for the team throughout the year. We've had a strong team taking a range of medals at the NZ Grappler competitions and we are always looking to develop a deeper programme for our competitive youth. As of 2018 several of our former Colts MMA team members have gone on to have a successfull amateur career in competitive MMA.

The program is designed to facilitate the transition of younger teenagers from the youth classes into the adults classes.


Class Times

Colts MMA - Tuesdays & Thursdays 5-6pm

Colts BJJ - Monday & Wednesday 5-6pm

Saturday Open Mat 10:00am - 1:00pm


Training Gear (MMA Class)

  • Boxing Gloves *
  • Mouthguard *
  • Shin-gear *

* Items marked with an asterix are required, and the rest are recommended.