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Marc Lelievre

MMA & BJJ Coach

Marc Lelievre began Mixed Martial Arts training in 2009, and has been an active competitor since - accumulating an impressive range of titles and medals at national levels. Marc is a registered High School teacher (currently teaching in Tokoroa), and was a former competitive woodchopper - hence the nickname 'Chop'. He made a successfull debut into the sport of MMA in 2012 at Shuriken, and took on a teaching role at CORE in 2014, with the opening of our Frankton-based Youth MMA classes.

Finding success on the NZ Amateur circuit, Marc qualified as the New Zealand Representative for the 2016 IMMAF Amateur World Championships in Las Vegas, where he had an impressive TKO win in the first round of the tournament. Marc eventually lost a competitive decision to the Irish Light-heavyweight division winner (and a teammate of Conor McGregors!).

Marc immediately returned to the winners column following the tournament, taking the Shuriken NZ Amateur Light-Heavyweight title. He then successfully challenged and won the XFC Australia Light-Heavyweight Amateur Championship Title.


  • New Zealand Representative for the IMMAF Amateur World Championships
    (Light Heavyweight - Las Vegas 2016)
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt under John Will - 2019
    (Head coach of Will-Machado BJJ Australasia)
  • CORE MMA Kickboxing Blackbelt - 2016
    (Under grading panel of Phil Beale & Mark Craig)
  • Shuriken NZ Amateur Light-heavyweight Champion
    (Def Warren Steiner, November 2016)
  • XFC Australia Amateur Light-heavyweight Champion
    (Def John Fraser, May 2017)
  • IMMAF Oceania Amateur MMA Champion 2019
    (Light Heavyweight Division)
  • BJJ NZ Pre-pro Cup Gold Medalist
    (Bluebelt 2013 u96kgs)
  • Gold Medalist at the NZ Grappler NoGi Nationals
    (2013 - Intermediate Division - u96kgs)
  • Multiple other BJJ placings
    (NZ Grappler Auckland Regionals Champion 2018, Tauranga Beach Tournament 2013, Auckland Open 2012)