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Ezra Berghan

Mixed Martial Arts and Strength + Conditioning Coach

Fit, friendly and knowledgeable, Ezra is our dedicated group fitness class coach. A former gymnast and boxer, Ezra joined the CORE MMA team in late 2018, and went on to win the Beatdown IV MMA Tournament. In July 2022, Ezra wont the IMMAFA South Pacific Welterweight Tournament after defeating 2x opponents on the same day, both by TKO.

He has had a life long interest in physical improvement in its many forms, and Ezra continues to provide variety and diversity to the dedicated fitness classes whilst pursuing his professional MMA career.

His bootcamp sessions are a blend of strength, cardio and calisthenics training and suitable for MMA conditioning or general fitness training.

Career Highlights:

  • IMMAFA South Pacific Welterweight Champion 2022
  • 'King of Sanda' - Oceania Sanda Absolute Champion 2023
  • NZ Rep for the IMMAF World Championships in Serbia 2022
  • Beatdown IV MMA Tournament Champion
  • International MMA fights in NZ, Australia, Tahiti and Serbia
  • IMMAF Qualified Level 1 MMA Coach

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