Alexander Kalnins

Beginners & Kids BJJ Coach

Alexander is a BJJ & Judo practitioner - holding a Brownbelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under John Will and a 2nd Kyu Bluebelt in Judo under Sensei Derek Maggs. He is also a frequent competitor on the NZ BJJ scene - and helps to lead the CORE MMA Masters Division competitors.

Alex started his training in 2007, where he did a month at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA in Phuket school, before joining a Gracie Barra affiliate gym where he spent 5 years there teaching and training. Have trained with International coaches Dimitris Tistos, Jeff Monson, Brandon Vera, Rafa Mendes, John Acosta Dan Higgins. He has also trained BJJ in Manila for a few weeks and in Cebu in the Phillipines. Alex completed his IMMAF Level 1 Coaching Certificate in November 2019.

Alex is never one to rush the technique and works hard to make sure the fundamentals are laid firmly in our Beginners BJJ Class.