4 Thackeray St, Hamilton

We're excited to announce that CORE MMA has successfully relocated to 4 Thackeray St in the Hamilton CBD, and has developed one of the Oceania regions premiere martial arts facilities.

Our new premise includes:

  • 350m2+ of premium MMA/BJJ mat space
  • Dedicated gym for fitness, strength and conditioning
  • Competition sized MMA Cage and Boxing Ring
  • Bag rack for full length Muay Thai bags
  • Functional training space with 6 squat bays
  • Airmill Rowers, Treadmills & Assault Bikes
  • NZ Boxer MMA Heavy GNP Bags
  • MMA Addict gear & equipment store
  • Several large crash mats for big takedown practice
  • A separate warmup and personal training space

Additonally, we have the following facilities available here for your convenience:

  • Free Wifi for members
  • Sports & protein drinks available for purchase

We aim to keep the facility ever-improving - and this represents a big step up from what was already Hamilton's best MMA facility. We have a strict cleaning schedule, so you can feel comfortable using the gym, the equipment and the rest rooms. Please also check out the Gym Rules.

Whether you're training hard at class or relaxing afterwards, we have everything onsite to help you make the most out of your time here.