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Youth Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Class Overview

Our Youth MMA program introduces kids (4-10) to Mixed Martial Arts, in a fun and friendly manner. We cover a range of punching, kicking, wrestling and grappling, as well as having a grading system for the kids to work through - which later translates up into the Adults Kickboxing gradings. Our classes run all year round (including school terms breaks), with a small recess between Christmas and the New Year.

CORE MMA Family Memberships

If you're interested in training alongside your kids, helping your family to stay fit and also building a common interest - then check out our discounted family memberships! Details on the signup page ›


Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Class Overview

Our Youth BJJ program introduces kids (6-10) to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - the 'Gentle Art'. BJJ is a grappling programme built around techniques using leverage and angles to overcome strength. This class is a great way for the kids to learn important skills such as co-ordination, self-discipline, social awareness, whilst being physically active & having fun. Click through to check out further info about our BJJ programme.

NEW PROGRAMME: We're excited to launch the Little Tykes BJJ & MMA program for 4-6 year olds, providing a small group environment where our younger tamariki can get accustomed to training in the martial arts environment.

Youth Class Times

Little Tykes BJJ - Monday & Wednesday 4-5pm

Youth BJJ - Monday & Wednesday 5-6pm


Little Tykes MMA -Tuesday & Thursday 4-5pm

Youth MMA - Tuesday & Thursday 5-6pm 


Youth Judo & BJJ - Friday 6-7pm


Training Gear (MMA Class)

  • Boxing Gloves *
  • Mouthguard *
  • Shin-gear

Training Gear (BJJ Class)

  • Kids BJJ Uniform *
  • Mouthguard *

* Items marked with an asterix are required, and the rest are recommended.