Toby FitzPatrick

Wrestling Coach & MMA Fighter

Toby is an excellent wrestler with national rankings, and has extensive skills in both freestyle and submission wrestling. Toby fought regularly in the Industry of Combat NZ (ICNZ) MMA events, and was undefeated as an amateur - but he has recently refocussed on competitive wrestling.

  • Welterweight MMA Fighter
    (Pro Debut @ ICNZ17 - May 2012)
  • MMA Co-main Event at Tumatauenga II
    (UD Win over Richard Moon)
  • Multiple National Titles for Wrestling
    (Competing out of Hamilton Hawks)
  • Oceania Wrestling Champion
    (New Zealand + Australia + Pacific Islands)
  • Multiple ICNZ Contender Gold Medals
    ( ICNZ Contender Series #2, #4)
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purplebelt (Nov 2014)
  • NZ Grappler NoGi National Champ (Advanced u85kg)