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CORE MMA Fighters Fund

Dedicated to ensuring our local athletes can represent at a regional and international level.

We're excited to announce the creation of the new CORE MMA Fighters Fund. Dedicated to ensuring our local athletes can represent at a regional and international level. Due to Aotearoa's geographical location and lack of government support, too often our community members are priced out of being able to attend events that would further their growth as athletes and people.


What is the Fighters Fund?

The goal of this sponsorship fund is to enable our competitive athletes to attend tournaments that otherwise could be cost prohibitive. Athletes require exposure to a variety of different of events in order to gain experience and develop a well-rounded approach to sport. The benefits of training and competing alongside different groups and nationalities, for example as part of team New Zealand for an Oceania or World Championships event, can not be overstated.

Bringing that competitive experience back into the local scene is one way to help ensure the growth of the community and future success of our local martial artists. But most importantly, exposure to new people, concepts and places helps us to develop as interconnected and well cultured individuals.


Where does the money come from?

Funds are aggregated from a variety of sources. Currently we are working hard to secure government grants and local sponsorship, while also looking into allocating a percentage of income from CORE MMA's commercial arm. These funds are then distributed to individuals as they qualify for relevant events across the year.


Which athletes / events are eligible?

CORE MMA's board of directors will consider proposals from within the team and determine eligibility based on the events reputation, trip cost, and athlete's performance both inside the gym and at competition.


How can I help?

There are several ways in which you can contribute to the fund, including via direct sponsorship (one-off payment) or through a supporters membership as listed below. We are also aiming to introduce a prize pool drawn bi-monthly for those of you that sign up for the sponsorship membership package. If you have something you would like to donate as a one off or a monthly prize please get in touch. 


What do I get for my sponsorship?

Apart from knowing you will be supporting our athletes and team mates get to events you will receive -

Entry into a bi-monthly prize draw. The prizes are currently.

(1) $50 CRAFT voucher

(2) 1 hour private lesson for up to 4 people with Carlo

(3) 1 hour private lesson for up to 4 people with Chris

We will add more prizes as they come in.



Top-up your CORE MMA membership with the equivalent of $5p/w to help our fighters reach the international stage! Learn more


For the price of an average $30p/w gym membership, you can contribute directly to the teams international success Learn more